Annotated Index



3D Printing – Additive fabrication and manufacturing.


Aardman – Aardman Animation.  Perhaps best known for Wallace and Gromit.  See Wikipedia and their website.

Abbey – An abbey is a complex of buildings used by members of a religious order under the governance of an abbot or abbess.  Likely used to tag various visits to abbeys.

Action – Thoughts on the notion of action.

Adventure – Descriptions of notable adventures. Basically, unexpected or otherwise out of the ordinary experiences.

Affiliate – Topics related to being an advertising affiliate.

Alvord – One of my favorite places to visit in Oregon.  See Wikipedia.

Arithmetic – Various thoughts on the topic of arithmetic.

Arizona – Visits and other thoughts on Arizona.  See also Arizona Gallery.

Aside – Something even more random than the general randomness of my blog.

Astronomy – Thoughts on astronomy related topics.

Audio – Audio related topics including interesting audio clips.


Behavior – Thoughts on behavior of any sort including human behavior. See also the Human Behavior category.

Beliefs – Beliefs are what enable us to make decisions. This topic includes various ponderings on the topic of beliefs. What they are, where they come from, what role they play.

Bias – Explorations of implicit bias.

Bikinis – Well, because, … bikinis.

Biology – Topics related to biology or that use biological metaphors.

Blog – This blog or blogging in general.

Books – If you have spent any time talking to me then I’ve likely recommended some book to you. Some of those recommendations, references and reviews you’ll find here.

Brazil – I’ve traveled to Brazil several times over the years.  This chronicles some of my observations and journeys.

Bristol – Another place I try to get to frequently is Bristol, England. These posts relate to my visits there.

Business – My day job is in the business world, at least for now.  I’ve accumulated a lot of thoughts and observations on the topic.



Human Behavior



Life's an Adventure