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The Implications of Arithmetic - What if we learned division first?
Believing and Acting Beings - I updated the sketch from last week’s post so that it now looks like the sketch on the right (click on it to make it larger). Here are the changes… I replaced physics with reality in an attempt to be a little less obtuse. I also added “(Expectations)” to Beliefs. They are essentially the same … Continue reading Believing and Acting Beings
Thinking and Acting Beings - I’ve pondering the following sketch today… The boxes are nouns, the lines are verbs. There are three feedback loops. The “natural systems” loop is the only one that would exist if there were no sentient beings capable of affecting the universe. Decisions anchor the role of rational and sentient beings via the perceptual and behavioral … Continue reading Thinking and Acting Beings
Beginning an Exploration of Purpose - “If you don’t know where you are going, every road will get you nowhere.” – Henry Kissinger An ongoing ponder is the role of leadership and purpose in the human experience. A purpose is a desired future state; also known as an objective. Purpose appears to be a very important element of the constellation of … Continue reading Beginning an Exploration of Purpose
Roles - If you are a leader, you have one job and only one job and that’s to provide a purpose. If you are a manager, you have one job and only one job and that’s to remove the barriers that keep the team from achieving the purpose. If you are a technician, you have one job … Continue reading Roles
Don't Argue with Physics - Some things just happen. They’re no one’s fault. There are no specific actions that could have been taken to avoid them. Sometimes life just sucks. When I see this I remind myself to not “argue with physics”. Physics isn’t good or bad, it just is. This reminder can help to bring my attention back to … Continue reading Don't Argue with Physics
TED Salons - I’ve started a thing I call a “TED Salon”. The basic process is pretty simple. Invite a small group of people over. Eat, drink and socialize a bit. Watch a TED Talk. Talk until that last person you invited decides they want to leave. We’ve had a couple of these so far and they seem … Continue reading TED Salons
I am not a Liberal … - … nor am I a conservative. If you need to give me a label I prefer “Progressive”, but be certain you know what I mean when I say that.
Frameworks - The human body is a great source of metaphors. One of my favorites is how the framework of our skeletons is “fleshed out” with the necessary tissues to create a human that might be just like you. The framework/”tissue” pattern is likely repeated in more places than we realize, but a common example is construction. … Continue reading Frameworks


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