Outside Blenheim Palace

I took 498 pictures during my visit to Blenheim Palace. They’re obviously not all worth looking at, but that’s still a lot of content. I’m going to break my visit up into a collection of posts to try to and give you a taste of several different aspects of the palace visit.

Blenheim is the current home of the 11th Duke of Marlborough. Dukes are next to royalty in the British aristocracy. There’s only a handful of non-royal Dukes and they’re ranked by how long their family has had a dukedom. It turns out that Marlborough is a relative young upstart having only been around since the 1700s. Blenheim (Woodstock) was given to John Churchill, the 1st Duke, by Queen Anne for winning the battle of Blenheim. You can spend hours poking around Wikipedia learning about this place and its history.

To begin, here are a few pictures around the outside of the palace. It’s big, really big.

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