Cabo, The Journey Home

Not much to report about the journey home except that it was unusually pleasant. On the first leg I got to sit next to a very cute and very happy little girl and her very attractive mom. That doesn’t happen often enough.

Spent the layover in a wine bar in SFO with Loni (Sam stayed in San Francisco). I don’t remember the name of it, but I can find it again. It’s worth revisiting. Loni was happy and talkative. I think she’d had a good vacation and is pretty excited about moving to the Bay Area. I guess you can see the general area of where they’ll live from the airport and Sam pointed it out to her before he left.

For the final leg to Portland we were upgraded to first class. I don’t think that’s happened to Loni before, so it was pretty fun. Domestic first class on a short leg isn’t all that exciting, but it beats cattle car any day.

Dan and Melody met us at the airport in Portland. Being met at the airport is one of the more pleasant things in life. Even though I wasn’t traveling alone this time so it wasn’t really the same, arriving at an airport on your own is mildly depressing. I’ve done it dozens of times. Thank you very much, Dan and Melody. Your meeting us capped a good vacation.

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